5 Types of Captivating Visual Content

We previously posted an article demonstrating the various reasons why blog posts should feature visuals. In this article, we will give five different examples of captivating visuals that attorneys can use in their blog posts to assist their inbound marketing strategies.

Photographs and graphics are a simple, fast and inexpensive way to add a visual element to your blog entries. Pictures help to add clarity to blog posts and are also great when posting on social media sites.

Graphic 1


Videos are a great way to attract a larger audience and keep their attention. Videos also add a more personal aspect to your blog posts since your clients and colleagues will be able to see and hear you speak. High quality videos do, however, require a bit of planning and can be quite costly when factoring in the recording and editing stages.

Video Pic


Data Visualizations
Data visualizations, such as infographics, charts and graphs, are great to use if you are planning on creating an info-laden blog post. Instead of simply reading the statistics, readers will be able to see them and thus understand and remember them better. HubSpot offers infographic templates for free and infogr.am is a great site for generating these sorts of visuals.

Data Visualization 2


Screencasts and Screenshots are other useful visuals that help make sure readers understand the content of your blog posts. If you are preparing a how-to style article, consider including one of these options to further guide your audience through the steps with a visual aid. While creating a screenshot is a simple task, creating a screencast can be a bit more involved. Here is a site that can help you on your way: Screencast-o-Matic.

Screenshot Pic


When looking for the appropriate method for placing a presentation on your blog, look no further than slideshare. Slideshare is a great resource for uploading powerpoint presentations that can then be easily embedded into blogs and shared on major social media platforms.

SlideShare Pic