Ask the Consultants—Why Use an Appellate Services Provider?

Appellate attorneys often face the conundrum of whether to use an appellate services provider or try their hand at perfecting an appeal on their own. When asked why an attorney should choose to use an appellate services provider, like PrintingHouse Press, as opposed to printing an appeal in house, our appellate consultants responded as follows:

Paul LaMar: One of the primary reasons an attorney should use an appellate services provider is because a quality provider, such as PrintingHouse Press, knows and understands the subtle differences between each Court.  To the less experienced in the appellate field, these differences can ultimately determine if an appeal is accepted or rejected by the Court.  Just because one State or Federal Court will accept certain things (like bullet points, minuscripts or black and white documents) when perfecting an appeal, doesn’t mean that another Court will also accept them. This is where parties can suddenly run into problems.  You want a seasoned professional handling the nuances of each Court, not to mention the ever changing technologies, to pilot you through the sometimes complex world of appeals.

Eric J. Kuperman, Esq.: Because if you add up all of the unanticipated costs of legal and paralegal time, office staff, copy costs, proofreading, binding, just to name a few, not to mention a lack of familiarity with both formal rules and unofficial clerk rules, the costs far outweigh the benefits of preparing your Record/Appendix and Brief in house.

John McGorty: By using an appellate services provider instead of printing an appeal in house, attorneys are able to focus on what their clients hire them for—their expertise in the law. With all of the written and unwritten rules of the Appellate Courts, attorneys waste valuable time and effort printing their own appeals. We allow them to focus on the brief writing and argument aspects of the appeal as opposed to concentrating on the many idiosyncrasies of the Courts.