Ask the Consultants—What Is Your Best Quality?

The PrintingHouse Press appellate consultants always go the extra mile for their clients. When asked what their best quality is and what sets them apart from the rest, our appellate consultants responded as follows:

Paul LaMar: “I am a knowledgeable and accessible problem solver. My clients know me to be a responsible and dependable resource who is plugged in and easy to deal with.”

Eric J. Kuperman, Esq.: “Modesty aside, no one is more accessible or dependable than I am.  You have a question on a Sunday morning about an appeal that’s due tomorrow?  All of my clients have my cell phone number and I encourage them to use it.  Moreover, they know that as a former practicing attorney, my depth and range of knowledge of appellate practice is unparalleled.  The combination makes me a unique source for them to turn to when they have appellate procedure questions and they have every confidence in doing so.”

Maria Andrades: “During the twenty-five years that I have been an appellate consultant, I have forged meaningful relationships with my clients and have acquired extensive knowledge about all of the appellate courts, spanning up to the USSC. My clients know that when they call me they will get the most up-to-date information from their trusted source.”

Jim Coonan: “I have a wealth of knowledge like that of a court clerk.”

John McGorty: “I am extremely customer service oriented. No one treats their clients with the care and respect that I do.”

Mark Virag: “I am available, accessible and ready to answer clients’ questions and resolve their issues. Clients present the problem and immediately receive the solution.”

Robert Walsh elected to ask a client who stated: “Robert is attentive, patient and very efficient. I can trust him to handle my firm’s appellate needs in a timely manner and with care.”

Carmen Otero: “I am friendly, helpful, accessible and responsive. Whether I am in the office or at home, clients’ issues will be resolved.”