Do the Appellate Division, First and Second Departments Accept Minuscripts in a Record on Appeal or Appendix?

Oftentimes, clients will submit documents for Records/Appendices that include minuscripts, which are documents that include two, four or more pages of transcript printed on one single page. In such cases, pages 30-33 of a transcript would be minimized and reformatted to fit on one page.

As far as including minuscripts in the Record/Appendix is concerned, the Appellate Division, First and Second Departments take opposing views.

The First Department allows minuscripts in appellate filings as long as there are no more than four transcript pages printed on a single sheet.

The Second Department, on the other hand, does not allow minuscripts to be filed under any circumstances. Even where filed in minuscript form in the Court of original instance, when perfecting the appeal at the Appellate Division, Second Department, those same documents have to be filed and served in their full page format. This Clerk’s rule extends from transcripts to medical records as well as any other documents otherwise appearing as two or more to a page.

When using PrintingHouse Press, even if you are unable to obtain a full size version of the document(s) at issue, our Production facility can “blow up” the four-to-a-page documents, such that each page of the document will be reproduced on a separate sheet of paper.