Our Technology

The PrintingHouse Press state-of-the-art production shop is unrivaled throughout our industry. It is a hotbed of new technology allowing us to seamlessly provide top caliber work. All Records and Briefs produced at PHP are printed on our high-capacity OCE Printers. At a top speed of 360 pages per minute, these industrial printers enable us to breeze through tough deadlines and busy Term filing dates. The near-perfect sheet positioning allows for minimal jamming and continuous hours of non-stop production. The ultra-fast speed and overall reliability of these impressive machines allows PrintingHouse Press to produce over 1.5 million pages each month. Alongside these impressive printers, are industrial sized binders, cutters and cover machines – with dual backup for each – so there is never a concern for downtime in our shop.

PrintingHouse Press’ client portal has been redesigned with you in mind.  Our cleaner, fresher interface allows for smooth navigation throughout our web portal which systematically stores all your Records and Briefs filed with the Court. Submitting PDF files of your record or appendix via our web portal avoids the typical downtime associated with emailing large files from your computer.  Our redesigned version allows for even easier uploading. Our web portal contains countless helpful features, including the ability to view your oral argument information, and track real-time service and filing status. Our client portal is accessible around the clock to meet your needs no matter when and where you are working.

Our all-inclusive e-briefs help take your legal arguments and writing to unforeseen heights. More frequently than ever before,       e-briefs are becoming the gold standard in Courts nationwide. An e-brief permits counsel to go far beyond presenting stagnant legal arguments on paper. By upgrading to an e-brief, an attorney greatly enhances the impact the brief has upon the reader by maximizing persuasiveness. The reader may seamlessly access the sources to which the attorney refers throughout the brief by simply clicking on the hyperlinks, bookmarks, video deposition and animation contained therein.

PrintingHouse Press’ longstanding relationship with our sister company vdiscovery enables us to offer an e-discovery and litigation support service unmatched in the litigation field. vdiscovery is a provider of discovery management, electronic discovery and litigation support services to law firms and corporations. We specialize in leveraging technology to create cost effective solutions that streamline discovery and provide our clients with a strategic advantage.