Vote for PrintingHouse Press in the 2015 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings

For nearly 50 years, PrintingHouse Press has worked diligently to bring the pinnacle of appellate services to our clients. Your support has allowed PrintingHouse Press to push ahead of our competitors to become the East Coast’s leading appellate services provider.

We ask that you continue to support PrintingHouse Press by submitting your vote in the 2015 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings.

To show our appreciation, we will be entering each participant in a raffle for a chance to win a $500 Delta Airlines gift certificate. To be entered, email your contact information (name, email and phone number) along with a screenshot of your submission confirmation (“Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey.”) to We will announce the raffle winner on August 10th.

Remember that all legal staff (e.g. Paralegals) are allowed to vote and that participants are not required to vote in every category for their ballots to be eligible. Simply answer questions 1 (Best Appellate Printer) and 2 (Best Appellate Services Provider) and then skip to the end.

Take the survey below by July 31st in order to participate.

*This contest is not sponsored by and not affiliated in any way with the New York Law Journal.
All participants in this year’s survey, regardless of what service provider(s) they vote for, can enter our raffle for a chance to win a $500 Delta Airlines gift certificate.

35 thoughts on “Vote for PrintingHouse Press in the 2015 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings

  1. Jim Coonan at Printinghouse Press is an Appellate GOD. My job would be magnitudes more difficult without his support.

  2. I have always found the services of Printing House press and Jim Coonan to be exemplary. I could not have done many of the chores I needed to get accomplished in order to file and settle transcripts without them….. Printing House press strikes me as being the best in the industry

  3. In an era of ever increasing electronic filing, (especially in the US Appeal Courts), PHPNY provides a valuable and reliable service to enable the electronic ring fences round these courts to be successfully scaled and legal argument presented.

  4. I work in-house, so in 2013 and again a month ago, when I wanted to file amicus briefs in the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit, I needed someone to coach me through the process. Eric Kuperman and Joe Alvarez from Printing House Press were very helpful and exceptionally generous with their time. They not only handled the briefing process, they helped me to understand the online filing system. I give them my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.

  5. Eric Kuperman held my hand through my first Appeal and made it so easy. I highly recommend Printing House Press!!

  6. I have worked with Printing House Press and from preparing a record and getting the brief filed; notifying me of the argument date ASAP and a copy of the decision the day it is issued, they have always been there.

  7. Always a pleasure to work with PrintingHouse Press. Whenever we need any information regarding proper procedures we receive answers immediately including what comprises a proper Record on Appeal, filing dates, argument dates, page requirements–you name it. Eric Kuperman alwasys walks us through the process.

  8. Printing House has been an excellent printer to work with. They are supportive, flexible and reasonably priced, as well as knowing the details of appellate practice. Five stars!

  9. We have been working with PrintingHouse Press for many years and cannot say enough about them. They are always there to answer questions and assist us in the preparation of a Record or Brief. Their help is unvaluable to our practice.

  10. Printing House Press is the most efficient and competent printing company I have used in my 42 years of practice.

  11. We have used the services of Printing House Press for several years and have been extremely satisfied. John McGorty is awesome and always available and able to swiftly address whatever issues, problems or concerns that might arise. He always keeps me informed of impending filing and argument dates and always provides a copy of the Decisions as soon as they become available. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Printing House Press for all of your Appellate needs.

  12. When called upon, PrintingHouse Press has been crucial to the successful production and filing of our appellate materials. They are very supportive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

  13. Our office has used the services of Printing House Press for years and they always do a great job. Paul LaMar is always available and keeps me informed.

  14. They were invaluable to us in a Second Circuit appeal and knew crucial things that either are not in the rules, unclear in the rules, or buried in the rules.

  15. PrintingHouse Press is an outstanding company. Paul Lamar is extremely helpful and responsive to all of our appellate needs and often goes above and beyond in customer assistance. We highly recommend them.

  16. Eric Kuperman and the staff at Print House Press are a great team! You can count on them for superb service.

  17. PrintingHouse Press has never disappointed. Every staff member is professional and courteous. Will always recommend firm to colleagues.

  18. I have worked with Printing House Press for quite a few years at another position and I have worked with them again at a my most recent position. Paul Lamar has always been a great source of information and guidance. This organization can be flexible about adjusting schedules and print at the last minute if necessary. I enjoy working with them.

  19. Gayle is the BEST!! She knows the each courts’ rules, schedules and even which font and size to use. Somehow she is always pleasant and even when rushed.

  20. I have used PHP for appellate work for many years. Paul Lamar, Eric Kuperman and the PHP staff are very professional and always helpful.
    I highly recommend their services to any firm.

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