Weekly News Update


*A federal appeals panel ruled Wednesday that a strict voter identification law in Texas discriminated against blacks and Hispanics and violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — a decision that election experts called an important step toward defining the reach of the landmark law. [NY Times]

*A ruling on the settlement between New Jersey and Exxon Mobil Corp. over pollution may not be the final legal word. A state judge heard arguments from the state and company on Thursday on why they want him to approve a $225 million settlement. Environmental groups and critics of Gov. Chris Christie see it as a giveaway to the company considering the state had been seeking $8.9 billion in the case. [MyFoxNY.com]

*An appellate court granted a stay on Friday of a federal judge’s ruling last year that N.C.A.A. rules preventing athletes from making money from college sports broadcasts and video games violated antitrust law. [NY Times]

*The American Bar Association has signed off on the merger of Rutgers University’s formerly separate law schools in Camden and Newark. [Politico]

*A civil lawsuit is entering the pantheon of long-running court cases, passing 10 years in May with no end, or even a trial, in sight. The suit was brought in 2005 by Eliot L. Spitzer, the New York attorney general at the time, and accused Maurice R. Greenberg, the former chief executive of the American International Group, and another former company executive of accounting fraud. [NY Times]

*A U.S. appeals court last Friday upheld a lower court’s decision to clear Qualcomm Inc in a patent lawsuit by wireless chip developer ParkerVision Inc, allowing it to escape a $173 million verdict for infringement. [Reuters]