Weekly News Update


*Gov. Andrew Cuomo in coming weeks must nominate two new members to the Court of Appeals, including for its highest position, chief judge. And by the time the governor fills an additional scheduled vacancy of an associate judge next year, Mr. Cuomo will have appointed every member of the court. [Wall Street Journal]

*The district attorney for Westchester County and a former United States attorney in Manhattan are among seven candidates nominated by a state commission to become New York’s chief judge when Judge Jonathan Lippman retires at the end of the year. [NY Times]

*A federal appeals court on Tuesday revived a lawsuit challenging the New York Police Department’s post-9/11 surveillance of Muslim religious and civic groups, comparing the program to other dark moments of race-based government monitoring in America’s past. [Philly.com]

*According to a decision last week by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, a popular Los Angeles yoga teacher named Bikram Choudhury cannot claim copyright protection on the sequence of 26 poses during hot yoga sessions that he teaches. [Fortune]

*A state prosecutor said Thursday that Trump University deserves an F in ethics. Deputy Solicitor General Steven Wu told four Manhattan appellate judges that Trump’s much-maligned — and now-defunct — school promising instant wealth operated as a “fraudulent bait and switch scheme.” [NY Daily News]

*Disgruntled law-school graduates who filed suits accusing their alma maters of deceiving them about their chances of landing a well-paying job haven’t had much success in court. [Wall Street Journal]

*Lawyers for a group of former college athletes have asked the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to review its decision that upheld N.C.A.A. rules prohibiting payments to college athletes. [NY Times]