New York, New York (June 20, 2018) – PHP, the industry leading appellate services provider, is pleased to announce that Press of Fremont Payne, Inc. has joined PHP. As the oldest appellate services provider in the industry, Press of Fremont Payne has a rich history dating back to 1890. For the last 40 years the business has been run by Charles J. Esposito Esq. Under his leadership the company has evolved from Linotype hot lead typesetting and large printing presses to computers and high speed digital printers. As PHP’s fourth such partnership, Fremont Payne will further strengthen PHP’s presence as the number one appellate services provider in the industry.

While Fremont Payne will now operate under the PHP name, Charles J. Esposito, Esq. will continue to be on board and continue to deliver the same excellent service to which Press of Fremont Payne’s clients have become accustomed. Fremont Payne clients can expect to hear from the same trusted advisors whom they have been working with over the years, while also benefiting from access to the vast paralegal and appellate consultant staff of PHP.

Further benefits for Fremont Payne clients include: password encrypted access to the most advanced client web portal in the industry, which systematically stores all of an attorney’s records and briefs filed with the Court; the ability to upload all documents and download record proofs when ready; tracking of up to the minute status of all served and filed cases; and viewing the date, time and position of oral argument dates and decisions.

“With the recent technological advances in the appellate landscape, it became imperative that Fremont Payne join with PHP to access PHP’s knowledge and technology. In particular, PHP is well versed and familiar with the Appellate Courts’ new electronic filing requirements and is pleased to be in a position to share that with Press of Fremont Payne’s clientele,” stated John Farrell, President of PHP.

About PHP

Since its inception in 1970, PHP has worked diligently to become the industry’s leading appellate services provider. Throughout the years, PHP has sustained a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals whose mantra has always been to provide the legal community with unparalleled appellate printing and litigation support. With a shared dedication and cognizance, PHP’s staff of appellate consultants, paralegals and production specialists is renowned for its acute familiarity with the appellate rules and internal operating procedure of all the State Courts, the 13 Federal Circuit Courts and the United States Supreme Court.