About Us

Since its inception in 1970, PrintingHouse Press has worked diligently to become the East Coast’s leading appellate services provider. Throughout the years, PrintingHouse Press has sustained a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals whose mantra has always been to provide the legal community with unparalleled appellate printing and litigation support. With shared dedication and cognizance, PrintingHouse Press’s staff of appellate consultants, paralegals and production specialists is renowned for its acute familiarity with the appellate rules and internal operating procedure of all the State Courts, the thirteen Federal Circuit Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

In the past few years, we have developed numerous high-value solutions that go beyond the scope of the company’s well-known appellate printing services.

PHP Client Portal. With the PrintingHouse Press Client Portal, the first in the industry, attorneys have 24/7 online access to all personal records and briefs filed with the Court; possess the ability to track the date, time, location and position on the calendar for oral arguments; and receive instant notifications when their appeals are served and filed.

Website, Mobile App and Blog. PrintingHouse Press’s responsive website can be used just as easily on a mobile device as on a computer to keep up with our clients on the go. This modernized website demonstrates even more of our extensive knowledge through its captivating, informative blog, “The Appellate Insider.” PrintingHouse Press’s comprehensive mobile app keeps our company’s technological advancements ahead of our competitors’. Once attorneys download our app, they are just a click away from:

  • The PHP Client Portal
  • The NY State appellate calendar
  • Forms denoting NY State and Federal Court requirements

Events and CLE Courses—Now Available in Your Offices! We are also making great strides to personally connect with our clients by sponsoring countless legal association events. Our esteemed appellate consultants also present continuing legal education courses on appellate procedure with accredited associations—both live courses and online webinars—and we are now able to present an accredited, two-hour CLE course at the firms of our clients, offering more convenience at no cost.

Video Series. PrintingHouse Press just launched a brand-new video series called On the Record, which answers our clients’ most frequently asked appellate procedure questions.

Welcome to Our New Associates from Echo Appellate Press! We also just announced that the dedicated employees of Echo Appellate Press have joined the PrintingHouse Press team, a combination that will further strengthen our position in the industry.

PrintingHouse Press is constantly striving to deliver innovative solutions that address the needs of our clients as well as the needs of the appellate industry at large.