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Filing Fees at the New York State and Federal Appellate Courts

by | May 24, 2018

When perfecting a Record on Appeal/Appendix and Appellant’s Brief in any one of the four New York State Appellate Division Departments, the Appellant must submit a filing fee check in the sum of $315 along with the documents. A filing fee of the same amount is also required when the Appellant files a Record/Appendix and Appellant’s Brief at the New York State Court of Appeals level. This $315 filing fee is in addition to the $65 fee that is required when Appellants file a Notice of Appeal for a matter to be perfected at the Appellate Division or Court of Appeals level.

When an Appellant perfects an appeal at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, however, the Court requires a docket fee of $500.00 (plus a $5 processing fee) to accompany the filing of the Notice of Appeal with the District Court. No additional filing fee is required by this Court when the Appellant files the removed joint Appendix and Appellant’s Brief.

All the state and federal filing fees described above can be waived by filing a motion for In Forma Pauperis status.

Remember that these filing fees do not apply to supplemental or answering documents such as Respondent’s/Appellee’s Briefs, Reply Briefs, Supplemental Records/Appendices and Respondent’s Appendices.

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