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How to Obtain Extensions of Time at the New York State Court of Appeals

by | Nov 15, 2018

Extensions are more easily obtained in the New York State Court of Appeals than in the four departments of the Appellate Division. The Clerk of the Court is authorized to grant, for good cause shown, a reasonable extension of time for filing papers on an appeal. A request for an extension may be made by a telephone call to the Clerk’s Office. Before calling the Clerk’s Office, the party seeking an extension must contact all of the other parties involved in the appeal, notify them of the request and obtain their position as to whether they consent to (or oppose) an extension. The party requesting an extension shall advise the Clerk of the Court of the position of each party with regard to the request. A party who is granted an extension shall file a confirmation letter, with proof of service of one copy on each other party. In some instances the Court will notify all of the parties regarding their determination of the request directly. In this case, you do not have to serve each party with a copy of the confirmation letter.

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