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PHP and vdiscovery, Leaders in Appellate Services and Electronic Discovery, unveil a Unique Service Offering for the Legal Community

by | Aug 23, 2023

New York, N.Y. Aug. 23, 2023 — PHP and vdiscovery, long housed under one business umbrella, and respective leaders in Appellate Services and Electronic Discovery, are excited to announce that John Farrell, President of PHP has been tasked with integrating the sales and marketing departments of both companies. John, with a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the legal industry, brings invaluable leadership to both entities. This strategic move ensures a cohesive vision and a unified approach towards delivering exceptional value to clients.

“Although our services are different, our common commitment to excellence and service has been our secret sauce for over 60 years of success. I’m thrilled by this collaboration and look forward to enhanced efficiency and even greater customer satisfaction,” said Myron Schonfeld, Founder and CEO.

PHP and vdiscovery, each with 60+ years’ experience in the litigation support industry have built stellar reputations for their expertise in their respective domains. By combining their sales and marketing prowess they are poised to revolutionize the legal landscape by offering a seamless and comprehensive solution that simplifies the litigation process. “We are excited to announce this collaboration between PHP and vdiscovery which is truly long overdue for both businesses,” said John Farrell. “With exceedingly similar client bases our integration not only harnesses the expertise and strengths of both entities but also reinforces our commitment to innovation and client centricity.”

For more information about PHP please visit or contact Maria DeCaro-Ali at

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About PHP
Since 1960, PHP has worked diligently to be the industry’s leading appellate services provider delivering innovative solutions that address the needs of clients as well as the appellate industry at large.

About vdiscovery
vdiscovery is a Manhattan-based provider of proprietary and best-in-breed solutions in computer forensics, document review, and electronic discovery, bringing deep expertise, efficient solutions, and an exceptional client experience to corporations and law firms for over 40 years. Our expert consultants, responsive service, custom software development, and mastery of the leading technologies serve our clients, and theirs, with a scope of quality unparalleled in today’s market.

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