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PHP Enhances Client Portal with New Features For a More Efficient Client-Focused Experience

by | Jul 28, 2020

 Contact: Maria DeCaro-Ali




NEW YORK, N.Y. (July 28, 2020) – Leading Appellate Services Provider, PHP, announced today the release of their new portal with a fully updated and improved case management system. For years the PHP client portal – the first of its kind in the appellate services industry – has been an invaluable tool and trusted resource for attorneys. Celebrated for its ability to systematically organize all client matters on perfected Records and Briefs filed with the appellate courts, the portal and its 24 hour accessibility has excelled in meeting the needs of attorneys and paralegals.

“For 60+ years PHP has continuously invested in improving our technology as a powerful resource for clients. Despite the recent global pandemic and the extraordinary challenges brought on by this, we are excited with the launch of our newly redesigned portal. We believe the investment in new technologies for our clients firmly sustains PHP as the leader in the Appellate Services industry,” stated John Farrell, President of PHP.

The recent update significantly expands on the current features offered to clients while also integrating new functionalities. The all-new portal includes a restructured upload process, oral argument scheduling details, the ability to view and pay invoices online, as well as an entirely new process for attorneys to track their appeals.

To log into PHP’s new Portal use this link.

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PHP has built its reputation as the industry’s leading appellate services provider delivering innovative solutions that address the needs of clients as well as the industry at large. PHP has built a team of highly talented and knowledgeable professionals who share the same vision, passion and dedication.

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