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Wednesday Wisdom

by | Apr 17, 2024

In Cases where a Joint Record or Joint Appendix is warranted, the Appellant, Cross and/or Co-Appellants are responsible for assembling the joint Record or Joint Appendix. The cost should be split between the appealing attorneys in the Appellate Division First and Second Departments. Se rules: AD1-600.11 (d): AD2-670.8 (c).

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Wednesday Wisdom

Counsel for appellant or an unrepresented litigant who voluntarily participates in e-filing will receive a "calendar number" from the Court. Within seven (7) days of receipt of the "calendar number" counsel for appellant or an unrepresented litigant who voluntarily...

Wednesday Wisdom

Within 20 days of service, Counsel for a party served with Notification of Case Number and other pertinent information for is required to confirm registration as an e-filer in NYSCEF. After the 20 day period, an attorney who has not entered the information required...

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