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Wednesday Wisdom

by | Aug 7, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom

In AD4, except in those appeals in which permission to proceed as a poor
person has been granted, the cover of a hard copy brief of an appellant or
petitioner shall be blue; the cover of a hard copy brief of a respondent shall be red;
the cover of a hard copy reply brief shall be gray; the cover of a hard copy
surreply brief shall be yellow; and the cover of a hard copy brief of an intervenor
or amicus curiae shall be green. The cover of a hard copy pro se supplemental
brief in a criminal appeal shall be white, as shall the cover of a hard copy brief
submitted by an Attorney for the Child. Covers of electronically-filed briefs shall
likewise be colored to the extent practicable. (Local Rules 1000.8)

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Wednesday Wisdom

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