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Wednesday Wisdom

by | Aug 7, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom

In AD4, except in those appeals in which permission to proceed as a poor
person has been granted, the cover of a hard copy brief of an appellant or
petitioner shall be blue; the cover of a hard copy brief of a respondent shall be red;
the cover of a hard copy reply brief shall be gray; the cover of a hard copy
surreply brief shall be yellow; and the cover of a hard copy brief of an intervenor
or amicus curiae shall be green. The cover of a hard copy pro se supplemental
brief in a criminal appeal shall be white, as shall the cover of a hard copy brief
submitted by an Attorney for the Child. Covers of electronically-filed briefs shall
likewise be colored to the extent practicable. (Local Rules 1000.8)

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Wednesday Wisdom

Co-Appellants should file together for the same term. However, if one of the co-appellants is not ready for the term intended, a stipulation may be signed by all parties involved and filed with the court consenting to the next term.

Wednesday Wisdom

Once registered on NYSCEF, all reliefs must be filed via NYSCEF. Motions must be one PDF file, text searchable and bookmarked to be e-filed on NYSCEF or through any court's portal at the appellate level.

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