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What Are Some Tips for E-Filing in the Appellate Division?

by | Mar 10, 2022


My first piece of advice for E-filing is never wait for the last day or late in the day to file if you don’t have to. Court clerks are usually overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure on any given day. If there’s a problem with a filing, it’s much easier to contact and correct when there is time to do so. If you’re using an Appellate service provider, the same rule should apply as a courtesy. I also find the NYSCEF website is much slower, less responsive on the last day to file for a term.

Second, a quick note about citations; pulling them, bookmarking them and the typos we encounter. We understand no one is perfect and typos can happen. If we can’t find a citation, it usually involves going back to the page the citation appears. Then reading as much as needed to understand and find the correct citation. It can be very time consuming and we will reach out to you if we are not sure. There is so much involved from the submission of a Word document to the final PDF that is E-filing compliant.

Lastly, we all should be more respectful of each other’s time in our stressful occupation during the stress filled times we are currently living in. We all have lives and families that maybe we’re more appreciative of and would like to get back to at the end of the day. So submit those documents earlier in the day even though the filing deadline is 11:59PM.

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