Appellate Procedure Checklist–4 Key Facts to Know about…AD1 & AD2 Respondent’s Briefs

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Respondent Briefs are, from time-to-time, the sole appellate document filed by a Respondent and thus play an integral part in the appellate process. Below, find 4 key facts to help you on your way to a better understanding of these briefs.

1. The word/page limitations for AD1 and AD2 Respondent’s Briefs are 14,000 words/70 pages.

2. In AD1, Respondent’s Brief deadlines are determined by the Term calendar. In AD2, these deadlines are determined according to the date and method of service of the Record/Appendix and Appellant Brief.

3. There is no fee required when filing a Respondent’s Brief–even when it is accompanied by a Respondent’s Appendix.

4. In AD1, requests to enlarge the time to file a Respondent’s Brief must be made in the form of an Emergency Application. In AD2, one can simply submit a letter to the Court copying the adversary.