Client Portal

PrintingHouse Press’ client portal has been redesigned with you in mind. Our cleaner, fresher interface allows for smooth navigation throughout our web portal, which meticulously stores all of your Records and Briefs filed with the Court. Our paralegals upload each PHP perfected matter to the portal for your convenience. When new completed proofs have been uploaded to your account, a notification will be sent to your email and a red alert flag will appear at the top of your home page.

Submitting PDF files of your record or appendix via our web portal avoids the typical downtime associated with emailing large files from your computer.  Our redesigned version allows for even faster and easier uploading.

Our web portal is accessible around the clock to meet your needs no matter when or where you are working.

The PrintingHouse Press Client Portal also allows you to:

  • Search personal file catalogs by (index/docket number), case caption, court and file type.
  • Easily download a list of term calendar dates, rules and court requirements in case you need a quick refresher.
  • Upload files without any size restrictions, allowing your large files to be delivered instantly to our paralegals or appellate consultants.
  • Track not only the real-time service and filing status of your appeal, but also the pick up or delivery of any document, proof and client copy using the “Track a Package” feature.
  • View your oral argument date, time, location and even your position on the calendar with our in-house oral argument tracking tool.
  • Be automatically notified (via email) on the day that your matter has been served and filed.
  • View your appellate decisions (for cases we didn’t even perfect) in one concise place.
  • Have access to your history of appeals perfected by PHP in case any necessity should arise.