Electronic Briefs

Since development of the first electronic brief in 1997, which was spearheaded by John Farrell, the president of PrintingHouse Press, e-briefs have become the gold standard in Courts nationwide. An e-brief permits Counsel to go far beyond presenting legal arguments on paper. When requesting PHP to create your e-brief, an attorney greatly enhances the impact of their brief upon the judge by maximizing its persuasiveness. The judge has instantaneous access to the sources the attorney cites throughout the brief by simply clicking on the hyperlinks, bookmarks, video deposition and animation contained therein. There is no better way to highlight the salient points of your Argument than in an e-brief provided by PrintingHouse Press.

Our e-briefs provide:

  • Hyperlinked Tables of Contents and Authorities to referenced pages and Authorities cited
  • Integration of video deposition and animation where desired in the Brief. This allows for greater creativity in presentation of one’s argument and literally enables a picture to be painted of the argument being made
  • User-friendly Acrobat Reader software, enabling the user to view the e-brief on any computer platform