Employee Spotlight
Paul LaMar

Paul LaMar

E.V.P. of Appellate Services | PHP


Favorite Color: Green
Hometown: East Meadow, NY

Enjoying a round of golf with my brother.

Me and the four brothers.

Enjoying Rome and Florence with my sister.

More About Me…
Fun Fact: I am ambidextrous.
Describe PHP in 3 words.

Professional, driven and busy.

What was your first job?

My first job was a Pennysaver delivery person at the age of 14. My first real job out of college was an Investigator at a private investigative agency. I primarily did background checks for Wall Street firms and franchisee owners.

What sports did you play?

I did play a lot of softball before age and injuries told me to hang up my cleats. I also played baseball, football and basketball when I was younger. I am now happy just to play rounds and rounds of golf. I also try and stay in shape by doing yoga and spinning.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Play left field for the New York Yankees.

What is your favorite quote?

“To die young as late in life as possible.”

What is still on your bucket list?

Seeing a round of golf at the Masters, playing Pebble Beach and traveling to Ireland and Spain

Tell us about your family.

I grew up in a house with 4 brothers and 3 sisters and we only had one bathroom. I lost my oldest sister to breast cancer but the 7 of us remaining are going strong.

Finish this sentence. “Back in my day we…”

never thought we would get old, oh well.

What is your favorite family tradition.

My brothers and I travel to see a New York Jets road game each season in a different city.

What would the adult version of an ice cream truck sell and what song would it play?

All kinds of pizza and would have any Guess Who songs on a loop.