Featured App for Attorneys—Evernote

Evernote App

If you’re in need of an app to boost productivity, look no further than Evernote. Evernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most efficient self. The app is available on all computers, phones and tablets, so you’ll be able to work on various projects wherever you may be. Also, the text in notes, photos, and PDFs is searchable, making finding the specific project you want to continue working on that much easier. Evernote users will also be able to:

–Write notes of all types, from short lists to lengthy research, and access them on any device.
–Make to-do lists and check items off as they are completed.
–Organize receipts, bills, and invoices to keep expense reports in check.
–Save reservations and tickets for simple trip planning.
–Turn business cards into rich digital contacts.


Cost: Free

Availability: iPad/iPhone and Android