“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”  Harvey Firestone

John, approaching thirty years in the industry, has been at the helm of PHP since July 2002. It was back in April of 1989, while sitting in Penn Station, and profoundly disappointed with a less than enticing offer from a company coming off of a third interview, where John took it upon himself to barge into an executive sales recruiting office on 7th avenue (and loosely speaking) insist on seeing someone about a job.

Luckily, the principal of the company was impressed by John’s aggressiveness. After hitting it off in that impromptu two hour interview, John quickly landed a job as an appellate printing salesman, kick starting his career and ascension in the industry. That same aggressiveness has enabled John to lead PHP to the top of the industry by growing similar top sales talent, developing leaders and by acquiring competitor’s businesses.

PHP’s growth in the appellate services industry is in large part owing to John being able to initiate, negotiate and close deals with five established competitors in the appellate printing industry, and retaining and growing the customer base of each of these five companies. The first of these transactions was the 2006 merger with Virgil Mountain Appellate Printers, a 20 year old company owned by Steve Dignam. This was followed in 2010 by the merger with St. Louis West Appellate Printers, owned and operated by Gene St. Louis since 1986.  In 2015 John spearheaded PHP’s third transaction with Echo Appellate Press, a 40 year mainstay in the industry headquartered in Long Beach and owned by Stu Davis. Then in June 2018, John negotiated his fourth such partnership with Press of Fremont Payne, owned by Charles J. Esposito, Esq. Press of Fremont Payne is the longest standing appellate services provider in the industry, having been in operation for more than 125 years. Most recently in June 2022, John completed his fifth business transaction with Appeal Press, owned by Matt Darlington and founded by Charlie Darlington in 1992. The fact that John has been able to maintain excellent working relationships, and close friendships, with Messrs. Dignam, St. Louis, Davis, Esposito and Darlington, is a testament to John’s character and ability to form business alliances which allows PHP to maintain its role as an industry leader.

John earned his B.S. in Business Management from the New York Institute of Technology-Old Westbury. He continues to strengthen his leadership and management skills by attending numerous conferences and workshops. Of late, in May 2022, John and his management team attended the four day “EntreLeadership Summit” presented by business leader and radio personality Dave Ramsey in Orlando, Florida. John continues to send many members of his team to management conferences around the country in his quest to continually develop strong leaders. It is his lifelong passion.

John is committed to expanding PHP’s reach in the legal market through further acquisitions inside and outside of the appellate industry, and continue to work closely with PHP’s ediscovery affiliate vdiscovery. He will continue to approach each endeavor with his typical drive, vision and sense of humor.