Executive Vice President

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”

– John C. Maxwell

As an 18 year veteran of PHP, Madeline has risen through the ranks by way of her innate ability to make the most of every opportunity presented. Madeline’s hiring at PHP from her initial interview in November of 2000 is an example of her opportunism. Fresh out of college and arriving for an interview, Madeline was eager to talk about the opening for an administrative position.

The fact that Madeline did not actually have an interview scheduled (an acquaintance had an interview scheduled but decided to pass on the interview) did not deter “Maddy.” Madeline, anxious for a job, and with her resume in tow, requested to be interviewed. The hiring manager, so impressed by her determination, hired Madeline on the spot. From an unscheduled interview and an on the spot hire, Madeline has made the most of her opportunities and presently serves as Executive Vice President of PHP.

At PHP, Madeline’s day to day responsibilities are vast. She works closely with the President of PHP assessing all P & L lines for the business; her strong acumen for numbers and forecasting is a key factor in PHP’s continued prosperity. While her fiscal expertise is a recognized strength, it is her natural ability to communicate directly and honestly with people that makes Madeline a strong and trusted leader.

Madeline has attended several leadership seminars and conferences in her time at PHP and continually looks to share her experiences and knowledge in order to develop the next generation of managers at PHP.