Director of Operations

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Harry S. Truman

Maria, coming up on 30 years in the industry, is the Director of Operations at PHP. It was in 1989 and just out of college, armed with her degree in Computer Science, when Maria decided to answer a job advertisement for a data entry position.

Figuring “why not get some interviewing experience?” Maria sat through a brief interview with the owner of St. Louis West Appellate Printers. Returning home shortly afterwards, Maria was surprisingly greeted with a voice mail from that same owner with a job offer. (Who says first impressions don’t matter?) Maria launched her career with St. Louis West Appellate Printers, never looked back and only rose through the ranks. Her clients learned very quickly that they could rely on her unfettered support and around the clock assistance. Maria’s deep knowledge of all facets of appellate practice and procedure, including strategic motion practice, and complex appellate litigation, allowed her to create long-standing business relationships with an abundance of New York and New Jersey law firms. Maria’s outstanding customer relationship skills qualified her to be promoted to Vice President of Sales, where she oversaw further growth of the St. Louis West customer base.

In 2010, Maria joined PHP, and not surprisingly her loyal clientele followed. Now years later (and after heavy and aggressive campaigning to move out of sales) Maria is PHP’s Director of Operations, where she works closely with all departments in streamlining and improving PHP’s vast production and operating systems, as well as the electronic filing infrastructure. (That computer science degree came in handy after all). However, with all that, it is her calm, professional and open-minded demeanor that enables Maria to earn the trust and confidence of the staff at PHP, as she continually works on improving and delivering the best experience to our customers.

Maria is proud to call New Jersey her home, where she lives with her husband and two children.  She is an avid reader, a connoisseur of Cuban cuisine and enjoys quiet time with her family when she is not steadfastly serving our clients’ appellate needs.