Employee Spotlight

Hildreth Emmanuel

Hildreth Emmanuel

Production Assistant | PHP


My name is Hildreth Emmanuel. I was born and raised on a little island in the Caribbean called St. Lucia. I have eight brothers and I now reside in Brooklyn.

Birthday: March 4

Favorite Color: Blue

More About Me…

Fun Fact: I love to have fun when I’m not working.

What is your favorite part about working at PHP?

My favorite part is going out together for drinks and just having fun with my co-workers.

How would you describe PHP?

PHP is a fun and loving place that has a great staff.

How do you balance work and family?

Work comes first because it puts food on my table and pays the bills, but the weekend is dedicated to family.

What have you learned since working for PHP?

I’ve learned the many skills needed to do my job well.

What have you gained since starting at PHP?

I’ve gained the experience needed to succeed in the future.