Employee Spotlight
Karian Campbell-Bennett

Karian Campbell-Bennett

Accounts Receivable | PHP


I am the second of four children, the first daughter (3 girls, 1 boy). I grew up in Portmore, Jamaica which was where I stayed until my recent transition to Queens, NY. I am still getting the hang of commuting via train each day plus getting over being geographically challenged.




My first visit to the Yankees Stadium. Alas, the boys lost that game. (Yes, I’m a Yankees fan).

My graduation day – becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician.  

My December 2017 visit to the circus….that’s Bumblebee [I like Bumblebee:)]

More About Me…

Fun Fact: I have been told that I give the best hugs 🙂

What is your favorite part about working for PHP?
Working with two of the coolest people I know.
What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
That’s easy. Getting payment from clients, especially from the ones that gave me grief initially.
What was your first job?
Assistant to an Executive Secretary at Air Jamaica.
What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
I’m thinking of the most memorable “first thing”, that would be a 14-inch Toshiba TV….I was so proud of that TV.
What is the best movie quote?
“Assumption is the mother of all f***ups.” Under Siege 2
(I use this often)
Apple or Android?