New Jersey Judiciary Releases General Assignment Order for Court Year 2013-2014

New Jersey Judiciary Releases the General Assignment Order for the court year 2013-2014. The order lists all assignments for judges in the Appellate Division, Tax Court, and the civil, criminal, family and general equity divisions of Superior Court. The order also lists acting assignment judges, vicinage presiding judges of each trial court division and presiding judge of each part in the Appellate Division of Superior Court.

Article VI, Section 7 of the New Jersey Constitution states, “The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall assign Judges of the Superior Court to the Divisions and Parts of the Superior Court, and can from time to time transfer Judges from one assignment to another, as need appears.”

The chief justice, in consultation with assignment judges and the administrative director of the courts, assigns judges based on considerations such as caseloads across divisions and vicinages, judicial experience and professional development. Judges are reassigned regularly to address management needs and to give them wider experience. This year’s assignment order includes reassignments for 28 judges.

The General Assignment Order becomes effective Sept. 1. As the needs of the Judiciary change throughout the year, the chief justice often reassigns judges among the divisions or among the vicinages and issues supplemental orders to make the changes.

The General Assignment Order is available at