PrintingHouse Press to film CLE Course for ALM Media’s Site

The New York State Appellate Division has many rules and regulations, some official, some less so, with which attorneys must comply when perfecting their appeals. In this CLE, Eric and John explain the process and elaborate on the intricacies of that which is required when filing in the Appellate Division, First, Second, Third and Fourth Departments. They begin by focusing on the preparation and timely filing of the Notice of Appeal. They continue by enumerating the necessary documents to be included in the Record/Appendix and the requirements for the various appellate briefs. Idiosyncrasies such as enlargements of time, briefing schedules for appeals with numerous parties and filing Motions for Leave to Appeal are also discussed in depth. They conclude by briefly discussing oral argument and explaining how perfecting appeals works in the New York State Court of Appeals, which is New York State’s highest court.

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