PrintingHouse Press Sponsoring December 8th NYSBA CLE

This half-day presentation, occurring from 9am-1pm at the New York Marriott Marquis, takes a different approach than past appellate practice programs, as it is designed to lift the veil on what is actually happening to your case at each stage of the appellate process – from when it first arrives at the Appellate Division or Court of Appeals to when you have just finished your oral argument.

The faculty will feature as primary speakers New York Court of Appeals judges/clerks and Appellate Division justices/clerks whose theme will be “what happens inside the appellate courts.” They will address such issues as:

* What is done with your brief when it first arrives at the court?
* Who actually reviews your papers?
* How does a judge/justice handle a case? What is his or her particular way of operating?
* How can a well-crafted brief help a court with the decision-making process?
* What do the clerks do throughout the process?
* How do judges/justices prepare for impending oral arguments?

Gaining these perspectives from the judges, justices and clerks will be beneficial for both more experienced appellate practitioners and those relatively new to the field, as with greater confidence you will be able to advise your clients of the process and “what’s going to happen next” with their cases.

The program agenda will be developed to be somewhat free-wheeling, as attendees will be encouraged to pose questions to the panelists throughout the day.

Register for the December 8th course here.