Record/Appendix Preparation

With decades of experience, PHP’s paralegal staff takes advantage of its access to state-of-the-art technology and expertly crafts compact, accurate and rule-compliant Records/Appendices for you. Within days of receiving the underlying documents from our clients, we guarantee a meticulously accurate proof, one that enables our clients to reference the Records/Appendices confidently during the preparation of their briefs.
We sequence, index and paginate your Record/Appendix. You use it as a complete resource to write your brief. You cover the law and we will cover procedure. Upon receipt of your Record/Appendix, we will perform the following services:

  • All documents will be reviewed to ascertain that the Record is complete and that all mandatory documents are in our possession.
  • Documents are assembled and sequenced in accordance with the rules of the court.
  • Documents are scanned, automatically de-skewed, and converted into a working .pdf file. A paralegal will review the scanned .pdf file, page by page, while cleaning and enhancing the documents for maximum legibility.
  • Documents are electronically paginated, and if required by the appellate court, page headings are electronically stamped.
  • A table of contents and a proof cover for the Record/Appendix and Brief are prepared.
  • All mandatory documentation required by the Appellate Court is prepared, including, 5531 Statements, 5525 Notices, 2105 Certifications, Notes of Issue, and Notices of Argument.
  • A proof copy of your Record/Appendix, printed at 600 dpi, and bound with a perfect bound wraparound cover will be provided for your approval.
  • The proof copy will be available for downloading directly through our client portal and/or delivered to your office — all within 48 – 72 hours of receipt.
  • In addition, we will perform any in-court services, including document retrieval, and subpoena /transmission of lower court documents.