By Administrative Order of [May 6,2020] (ADM 2020-0506) the Second Department rescinded the Administrative Order by which all filing deadlines were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and imposed filing deadlines in certain limited situations. Generally speaking, those situations relate to criminal and actively managed appeals, and to motion practice in all matters. As the order indicates, the suspension of filing deadlines as to those matters not specifically addressed by it has been continued.

The Court continues to encourage counsel to make digital filings in all matters whenever possible, either via NYSCEF if the appeal is subject to mandatory e-filing, or through the digital portal on the Court’s website The Court also encourages counsel to make digital submissions through its portal in matters currently pending in which only hard copy submissions were previously made. Submissions of digital copies will assist the Court in processing those matters expeditiously during this time where the Court must operate only while virtually.

Please review the Court’s order for details, and feel free to contact the Court at with any questions.