Paralegal Supervisor

Soroya Brantley joined PrintingHouse Press in 2006. As Paralegal Supervisor Soroya has prepared filings at every level of the appellate process, up to and including the United States Supreme Court.

She possesses expert appellate knowledge and is often called upon to navigate the intricate rules of various State and Federal Courts. Soroya also assists in the development of junior members of the paralegal team. Soroya is familiar with the electronic filing requirements within various Courts and is able to produce digital documents in accordance with Court rules. Prior to joining PHP, Soroya worked at various law firms, including Shearman & Sterling LLP.

Soroya has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and has written articles for various publications such as The Network Journal, conducted interviews, and reviewed numerous books. Soroya has proven to be a valued member of our team, with a great eye for detail and a proven track record of providing excellent service to our clientele.