Have you ever asked what documents should accompany a petition for writ of certiorari in an Appendix and in what order they should be presented?

The first documents to be included in the Appendix are the opinions, orders, findings of fact, and/or conclusions of law, whether written or orally given and transcribed, entered in conjunction with the judgment sought to be reviewed. The next document(s) you may want to include are any other relevant orders, opinions, findings of fact, and conclusions of law entered in the case. These may be findings of other courts or even administrative agencies, and may be included if reference to them is crucial to the review of the Petition. Companion cases that you wish to include should contain the caption showing the name of the issuing court or agency, the title and number of the case, and the date of entry; any order on rehearing, including the caption showing the name of the issuing court, the title and number of the case, and the date of entry; the judgment sought to be reviewed if the date of its entry is different from the date of the related opinion or order that are at the beginning of the Appendix; and any other material the petitioner believes essential to understand the petition.

If what is being included in the Appendix is too lengthy, the Supreme Court will accept a separately bound volume or volumes with appropriate covers (rather than annexing the Appendix to the Petition itself). If, for whatever reason, the Appendix which you attempt to file is rejected (assuming that the Petition was timely filed) the Court will send you notice with the deficiencies and give you 60 days from the date of notice to correct the petition and resubmit same.