Consistency in the compensation paid to Court Examiners is maintained through fee schedules established by the Court. The present fee schedules were issued by the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department in 2005.

Due to the impact of inflation over the past 14 years, an inflation adjustment is in order. While sensitive to the concern not to unnecessarily deplete the assets of the Incapacitated Person, the increase in compensation is also necessary to insure that quality Court Examiners are retained, as well as to attract new Court Examiners, the demand for which is ever-increasing within the Second Department.

Accordingly, by Order dated May 29, 2019, Presiding Justice Alan D. Scheinkman, with the support of the entire Second Department bench, has revised the Second Department schedule for Court Examiner and Accounting fees to take into account the increase in inflation over the intervening years. The revised schedule takes effect on June 3, 2019.

As has always been the case, where a request for extraordinary compensation is justified, Court Examiners should be permitted to submit an affidavit of services in support of such request.

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