Weekly News Update

weekly-news *The Appellate Division of Manhattan ruled that three strips of land used as park space and maintained by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for decades were not technically parks, and therefore NYU’s plans to build on them did not need to be approved by the state legislature. [Washington Square News]

*A Nevada group seeking to uphold a ban on gay marriages is using statistics to assert that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals does not appear to be selecting judges hearing gay-rights cases in a neutral way. [ABA Journal]

*The city’s police unions are arguing they should be able to continue to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy violated civil rights. [Brooklyn Eagle]

*Constructions workers, plumbers, coffee shop workers — even a Bible camp counselor — have all been caught up in what many critics say is an unfair interpretation of the gravity knife law from 1956. Comparing these illegal knives to those that the city deems legal further illustrates the absurdity of this archaic law. [Village Voice]

*New York has always been the vanguard when it comes to making legal precedent. The Empire State is now proposing adopting the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). Is this a step backwards or a move forward for New York and the rest of the country? [Above the Law]

*The Supreme Court has blocked parts of a 2013 Texas law that would have closed all but eight abortion clinics in the state, with none operating west or south of San Antonio. The Supreme Court’s order put a hold on a federal appeals court ruling that allowed the law to go into effect immediately. [NY Magazine]

*Aereo is officially urging regulators to redefine the term “multichannel video program distributors” to include services such as its streaming video offering. [Media Post]