Weekly News Update


*Now that the NFL has suspended the Patriots quarterback 4 games for conspiring to deflate footballs and failing to fully cooperate with its investigation, we could see disgruntled NFL fans initiate a class action lawsuit against Tom Brady and the Patriots. [Forbes]

*A judge declared a mistrial in the Etan Patz case last Friday after jurors said for a third time that they could not reach a verdict despite three weeks of deliberation, leaving unresolved a missing-child case that vexed New York City for decades. [NY Times]

*It’s not quite “deflategate” but the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently reminded all of us that rules are rules and they need to be followed whether they involve the air in a football or the contents of an appellate record. [Lexology]

*A U.S. federal appeals court said last Friday that BP deserves the right to appellate review of some damage claims awarded to people and businesses in connection with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. [Reuters]

*Vladimir Putin is paying the legal bills of an alleged Russian spy accused of posing as a banker. Evgeny Buryakov faces charges of gathering “economic intelligence” for Moscow. [NY Daily News]

*A federal appeals court in New York will consider whether the gruesome imagery expressed by the “cannibal cop” online was part of an actual criminal plot or simply the dark but harmless fantasies of an extreme fetishist. [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

*Should charges of securities fraud and other violations be conducted in a federal district court or before an administrative law judge employed by the commission? [NY Times]