Weekly News Update


*Daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings are prepared to fight in court against New York state’s top prosecutor, who said that they were running illegal gambling operations and ordered them to stop taking bets in the state. [The Guardian]

*A federal appeals court has rejected President Barack Obama’s effort to move forward with a series of executive actions he announced last year seeking to give quasi-legal status and work permits to millions of undocumented immigrants. [Politico]

*A mid-level appeals court reversed the conviction of Matthew Slocum, the Washington County man found guilty of killing his mother, stepfather and stepbrother in 2011, because the trial judge allowed jurors to hear a statement Slocum gave to investigators after his lawyer asked that police not question him. [Albany Times Union]

*Now 84, federal appellate court Judge William Canby made the difficult decision a few years ago to mostly stop hearing cases after a 30-year career. He was sharp and healthy, but didn’t want to risk mental decline that would lead him to make mistakes, he said. Canby’s decision reflects one of the unique job hazards federal judges face: age-related mental decline. [York Dispatch]

*Amid widespread discussion of New York City’s homelessness crisis that has pulled down Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval ratings, according to polls, an ongoing lawsuit seeks to overhaul the city’s policies governing a particularly vulnerable demographic of this population–homeless youth. [Newsweek]

*The Manhattan district attorney has decided to appeal a judge’s decision to grant a new trial to a Queens man convicted of taking part in the 1990 killing of a tourist on a New York subway platform, a crime that for many residents marked a low point in an era of fear and disorder. [NY Times]