Weekly News Update


*Legal experts and political pundits are already speculating on who President Barack Obama might nominate to the Supreme Court after the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. [NBC News]

*The loss of Justice Antonin Scalia will have an immediate impact on the Supreme Court. Votes that Scalia has cast but which have not yet been made public will be voided if the Justice’s vote is a deciding one, according to legal experts. [New York Post]

*On Wednesday, 12 judges heard arguments on whether New Jersey’s plan to operate sports books in its casinos and racetracks was legal under federal law. Their decision has the potential to transform the gambling landscape. [NY Times]

*Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday afternoon appointments of 10 judges to fill vacancies in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the four judicial departments across the state. These appointments are not subject to state Senate confirmation. [Times Union]

*New York’s highest court is considering whether to overturn smoking restrictions in state parks, including an outright ban at several smaller parks in New York City. [ABC News]

*A state appeals court has reversed a controversial Brooklyn judge who second-guessed his decision to convict a woman of vehicular manslaughter. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Michael Gary presided over Ayisha Dobson’s 2014 trial for the May 2013 single car crash that left 21-year-old Janice Brown dead. [NY Daily News]

*Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed Wednesday to fight a federal court order to unlock California terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone — setting the stage for an epic battle between law enforcement agencies and privacy advocates. [New York Post]