Weekly News Update


*The Tom Brady deflation saga is still going strong, 16 months after it began as a new appeal was filed by his attorneys. At this point, it has little to do with the air pressure in footballs and everything to do with whether Commissioner Roger Goodell of the N.F.L. overstepped his role as arbitrator when players appeal penalties. [NY Times]

*The NYPD does not have to give a ProPublica reporter records about using X-ray-equipped vehicles, an appeals court ruled. Z-backscatter vans use X-rays to scan buildings and vehicles for drugs, explosives, etc. The X-rays bounce back to the van and create an image, according to court records. [Courthouse News Service]

*Salt must soon be on the menu — very visibly — at hundreds more chain restaurants in New York City, after a court on Thursday cleared the way for the city to enforce a rule requiring many eateries to alert consumers to food items with high salt content. [NY Times]

*U.S. fast food giant Domino’s Pizza and three of its franchises could be required to pay employees a lot of dough if a newly filed New York lawsuit succeeds. The nation’s largest pizza delivery company and three of its franchisees underpaid workers at least $565,000 at ten New York-based stores, the state’s top legal official alleged in a court action announced Tuesday. [USA Today]

*A New Jersey woman who suffered a broken neck and is now paralyzed as a result of an accident while competing in an extreme obstacle course at Citi Field is suing Reebok and NBC for negligence. [NY Daily News]

*Bank of America Corp.’s decision to fight government allegations that it defrauded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paid off as a federal appeals court threw out a judgment of almost $1.3 billion against the bank. [Bloomberg]