Weekly News Update

weekly-news *News came that judges in New York State are not entitled to $325 million in damages despite the legislature denying them raises for a more than a decade, a divided panel of appellate judges ruled. [New York Daily News]

* Ecuadorians hoping to overturn a decision declaring their $9.5 billion environmental verdict against Chevron fraudulent argued that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia would have endorsed how the oil giant’s litigation was handled there, in a surprising 2nd Circuit brief. [Courthouse News Service]

*New York has become the 23rd state to authorize marijuana as a medical treatment — though it will have one of the more restrictive programs in the country. [Boston Globe]

*A recent bout of incompetence was no grounds for firing a veteran Brooklyn public school teacher, an appeals court ruled. [NY Post]

*Surprising claims came to light during a hearing for a Georgia man whose toddler son died after being left in a hot car, a man prosecutors sought to portray as an unfaithful husband who wanted a child-free life. Among the most shocking allegations: he messaged six women, sending and receiving explicit texts while his 22-month-old was dying. [CNN]

*The Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision is beginning to reverberate: A group of faith leaders is urging the Obama administration to include a religious exemption in a forthcoming LGBT anti-discrimination action. [The Atlantic]

* Judge Rodriguez will retire as a judge of the Supreme Court of New Jersey on September 1, 2014. [New Jersey Appellate Law