Weekly News Update


*The United Nations has, at long last, accepted some responsibility that it played a part in a cholera epidemic that broke out in Haiti in 2010 and has since killed at least 9,200 people and infected nearly a million people. [Newsweek]

*Daily fantasy sports returned to New York when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed into law a bill that said it did not matter that the popular pastime walks, talks and smells like good old-fashioned sports betting: It really is a game of skill and merely a form of entertainment. [NY Times]

*In a blow to the record labels, a federal appellate court said it won’t reconsider its recent decision that Web companies have the same protection from copyright lawsuits for music recorded before 1972 as for more recent records. [Media Post]

*A federal appeals court in Minnesota ruled that the league had the right to suspend and impose fines on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson after he was charged with child abuse in 2014. [NY Times]

*Chevron Corp. persuaded a federal appeals court to block enforcement in the United States of an $8.65 billion Ecuadorean pollution judgment that it said, and which the court agreed, was obtained through bribery and fraud. [Reuters]

*The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit stymied New Jersey’s attempts to offer sports betting again, ruling against the state’s plan to operate sports books in its casinos and racetracks. [NY Times]