Weekly News Update


*In a landmark decision that alters how NY defines parenthood, the state’s highest court on Tuesday found that when an unmarried couple who decided to conceive children together splits up, a non-adoptive, non-biological parent has the right to seek visitation or custody. [Gothamist]

*Amtrak secured a partial U.S. appellate court win on Wednesday in its efforts to recoup insurance coverage after the railroad service sustained more than $1 billion in losses during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. [Yahoo.com]

*A New York appeals court won’t allow Lindsey Lohan nor ex-‘Mob Wives’ star Karen Gravano to sue over alleged misappropriation of their likenesses in the popular Grand Theft Auto games. [Hollywood Reporter]

*A New Jersey appeals court ruled Wednesday that government agencies may deny access to public records by saying they can “neither confirm nor deny” their existence. [Courier-Post]

*Two years ago, a NYC man was convicted of robbery — in part as a result of incriminating telephone conversations that had been recorded at Rikers. Last April, New York’s highest court affirmed the conviction, upholding the use of the recorded conversations but left open a future challenge to the use of such conversations. [Pro Publica]

*A federal appeals court judge has sided with regulators in their long-running effort to increase racial diversity among the unionized dockworkers at the port terminals around New York Harbor. [Wall Street Journal]