Most of my clients are familiar with the Joint Appendix, the most common appellate document filed when perfecting an appeal at the Second Circuit. Many, however, are not as familiar with the Special Appendix.

A Special Appendix contains additional copies of a case’s orders, opinions, judgments being appealed and text (with appropriate citation) of any significant rule of law, along with a table of contents. This document is required to be filed with the Second Circuit only when the Joint Appendix (or Appendix) itself exceeds 300 pages (not inclusive of the orders, opinions and judgments being appealed). When filed, a Special Appendix is always filed together with the Joint Appendix (or Appendix) and Brief.

The two ways of filing a Special Appendix are:

  • by adding it to the back of the brief as an addendum and labeling the cover “Brief and Special Appendix,” or
  • by printing it as a separately bound book and labeling the cover “Special Appendix.”

Just as with Joint Appendices and Appendices, PrintingHouse Press will be sure to create Special Appendices for our clients whenever necessary.