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We Love Losers

Who We Are

At PHP we’ve always had a big place in our hearts for losers. When you invite us in, we sympathize with you, we listen to you, we stay in touch with you and sometimes we even stay up all hours of the night with you. There’s nothing wrong with being a loser. Well . . . you just don’t want to get too good at it.

Look, we are not here to judge. We love turning losers into winners and we know that one adverse decision does not define our clients. You see at PHP, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our work seriously. That’s why for some 60 odd years we have been the go-to appellate services provider in the industry. And when you’re on a roll, winning the NYLJ’s Best Appellate Service Provider award seven years running, you must be making clients happy, right?

So, if you’re not one of our clients right now and you’re just browsing our site, check out our Newsletter section, our On the Record videos or our e-Filing section. You’ll be sure to find out that our veteran staff is just swimming in knowledge, good advice, deep wisdom (ok, we’re bragging a little) and hungry to pass it along to you. Hey, we’ve had a long time to get good at this stuff and we love being able to tell you to focus on a winning brief while we do the rest!

Thanks for visiting and finding out a little about who we are. Whether you won or lost, we look forward to working with you. Have a great day!

 – The People at PHP

Company Timeline

Our historical timeline demonstrates the vision and growth of PHP over the years and the unique impact we have had on the appellate industry.

Partnerships & Associations

PHP is a member of several organizations whose capabilities allow us to leverage our strength horizontally across the legal industry.

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Suffolk County Bar Assn. logo
Nassau County Women's Bar Association
National Law Institute
Nassau County Bar Association
Association of Legal Administrators

WE CARE Fund of the Nassau County Bar Association

PHP is a proud corporate partner of WE CARE, the nationally-recognized charitable arm of the Nassau County Bar Association. WE CARE funds are raised by the legal profession and the community at large. Monies are distributed through charitable grants to improve the quality of life for children, the elderly and others in need throughout Nassau County.