The Importance of Being Visual: Why Blog Posts Should Feature Images

Creating entertaining, informative content is essential to any inbound marketing campaign. Of all the content-related marketing strategies, blogging is one of the most effective methods of generating traffic to your site. On average, companies with blogs generate about 55% more traffic than those without one. Blogs are a great way to show your clients that you’re an expert in your field and keep them coming back to your site for answers to any questions they may have.

Want to make your blog even more effective? Include at least one image in each of the posts. “Why?” you might ask.

Visual Appeal

Images do a great job of generating interest in your posts as well as making your blog more visually appealing. Research has shown that articles with images get 94% more views than those without. Often times, it’s the image of a post that grabs a reader’s attention and even gets a person to click and actually read the article. Pictures also help solidify the overall subject of your post in a concise manner and make your blog memorable. Readers tend to remember images six times better than text.


A post with long sections of uninterrupted text can understandably discourage readers. Images can be a great way to break up long portions of text, making your articles seem shorter and easier to read. Also, placing an image either to the left or to the right of text can cut down on the characters per line. The psychological effect of having fewer characters per line is that the post appears to be more comprehensible and less complex.


Sometimes graphics should be used simply because they can elucidate a point mere words cannot. In “how to” style posts, screenshots and graphics tend to enhance communication between the writer and the reader.


Here’s that pesky acronym again. SEO is a very important aspect of inbound marketing and adding images to posts can help optimization. By adding the proper keywords to the alt tag and file name, images can be optimized for search engines to add another on-page SEO element to your posts.

Social Media

Images help set your posts apart from the rest on social media sites. When you share blog posts with images on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the images are automatically included. The chance of your followers sharing your posts becomes even higher as it will look more entertaining and compelling.


**Bloggers Beware!!

It’s important that you have permission to post any image you use on your blog. Keep in mind that you should purchase photos or use ones from free sites. Taking images from Google searches could result in copyright issues.

Free Sites: Wikimedia Commons, Unsplash, Flickr-Creative Commons and Pixabay

Paid Sites: Fotolia, Shutterstock, Getty Images and iStock