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The Role of Expert Appellate Services in Winning Appeals

by | Jul 11, 2024

Winning an appeal requires a precise blend of meticulous preparation, strategic thinking, and deep familiarity with appellate procedures. Expert appellate services can play a crucial role in this journey, providing invaluable support to attorneys at every step of the process and helping to increase their chances of a successful result.

A deeply experienced appellate services provider like PHP offers hands-on assistance, practical advice, and deep insights to help attorneys reduce their risk and avoid procedural pitfalls. Let’s explore a few of the ways an appellate services expert can play a significant role in helping attorneys achieve success on appeal.

Avoiding Technical Errors

Every appellate court has its own rules, covering everything from filing deadlines to the formatting of briefs. Consider: In the New York Appellate Division, briefs must include a table of contents with a list of point headings as well as a table of authorities cited; a statement of questions presented (not exceeding two pages), followed immediately by the answer, if any, of the court from which the appeal is taken; a concise statement of the nature of the case and of the facts supported by citations to either the Record on Appeal or Appendix; just to name a few.

Lawyers ignore such technical requirements at their peril. As the Appellate Division’s technical guidelines for e-filed documents states, “Adhering to the guidelines for documents filed via the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System (NYSCEF) will facilitate approval and acceptance in a timely fashion. Failure to comply with the requirements may result in the return of the document and necessitate re-filing.”

Even a minor error, like picking the wrong typeface, can lead to a brief being rejected by the court. Current rules in the Appellate Division, First Judicial Department, for example, demand that lawyers filing “computer-generated briefs” use “a proportionally spaced typeface such as Times Roman, or a serifed, monospaced typeface such as Courier. Narrow or condensed typefaces and/or condensed font spacing may not be used.”

Making sure a typeface is correct is just the kind of issue where an experienced appellate services provider can make all the difference. A provider like PHP, with six decades working on appeals in the New York courts, has an intrinsic understanding of the technical rules and how they vary from court to court. This deep knowledge can ensure that all filings are completed accurately, preventing procedural missteps that could jeopardize the appeal.

PHP also deploys technology and rigorous quality control. The company’s systems spot errors and correct them before a submission. They also conduct automated checks for compliance with court rules, and PHP’s e-filing experts manually review filings to confirm their accuracy.

Getting the Record Right

Compiling a complete and accurate record is crucial for a successful appeal. At PHP, an expert paralegal staff reviews and assembles all relevant documents, exhibits, transcripts, and motions from the trial court, together with any necessary forms.

They also guarantee that the material adheres to court requirements. And they manage the timeline for compiling and submitting the record, ensuring that all deadlines are met without last-minute rushes. Timely submission prevents procedural dismissals and keeps the appeal process on track.

A well-organized, technically accurate record not only allows appellate attorneys to comply with court rules but also gives them the opportunity to highlight evidence and pivotal moments from the trial court. It also helps lawyers present a coherent narrative that supports their arguments.

The Value of Expert Support

The appellate process can be challenging, but with the support of expert appellate services, attorneys can navigate these complexities far more effectively than going it alone. PHP offers critical support that enhances the likelihood of winning a case and avoiding procedural problems. To learn more about ways we help attorneys successfully navigate the appellate process, visit our services page or contact us for a consultation.

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